Not all Evo UltraPerformance clients have major injuries! Rehabilitative Strength may be the starting point for a client who has issues related to in imbalance of strength or postural issues and muscle tension without significant pain. An evaluation treatment will allow the best plan for your specific needs. That plan will then be carried out with the goal of re-training all muscles and patterns to perform properly through a full range of motion. After the rehabilitative strength process is completed, a client should feel confident in approaching a wide variety of activities pain-free.

If a client comes into an evaluation with issues such as muscle imbalances, muscle tension without chronic pain or general feelings of inefficient movement, an evaluation will determine the best place to start. If this is rehabilitative strength, the client will taken through movement and stimulus progressions in an individualized format for creating the best base of function possible.

Proper Muscle

Proper Work

Full Range of Motion

This process also bridges into the Resilience Training process.

The Resilience phase of Rehabilitative Strength Training is about conditioning the body’s appropriate responses to situations of higher stress and higher amounts of fatigue. No human is ever going to be in the perfect position in every moment. Resilience Training allows the nervous system to condition and retain a high-functioning baseline of appropriate movement patterns, even when conditions are unpredictable, for the sake of restoring the ability of the client to push themselves and perform to their full potential again!

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