Neuro-Therapy is a process of creating positive changes between the nervous system and the soft tissues. It is a process that takes place inside the body of the client. A Neuro-Therapy practitioner’s job is to facilitate protocols (the client knowing what to do and how to do it) to create the changes they are seeking in the quickest and most efficient way possible for lasting results. This is something that can be done over a video connection very efficiently!

Evo Performance Rehab clients that reside in areas far outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have for years been able to receive treatment sessions with the virtual guidance of an Evo therapist. During the rapid growth of the Telehealth field we expect that more and more clients will choose to perform therapy on a virtual basis.

Virtual sessions are performed when a client has rented or purchased an Evo Stimulator Device, so please visit the applicable pages to learn about the specifics of renting or purchasing.

Virtual treatments are performed with a therapist present usually via video call, guiding the client’s self-application of stimulator placements and movement protocols. Some clients appreciate having a helper on-hand to assist in carrying out the treatment and strength protocols. These treatments occur just like in-office neuro-therapy treatments, with the Evo therapist on for each session. The unique benefit Virtual clients have, is that they have their Evo stimulator device with them, so the therapist can not only work via treatment and strength protocols, but they can also use recovery and muscle loosen-up protocols to support the client in a full-body, full-system way. Therapy and strength protocols with the Evo Performance Rehab system require minimal equipment, making in-home treatments are a great option for almost all populations.

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