The Process

Each neuro-therapy process begins with a complimentary phone consultation followed by an in-clinic or virtual Evaluation Treatment session. This session introduces the neuro-therapy process as well as allows the client to experience a treatment and the significant changes that even one session can make. This treatment helps the Evo professional to determine if a benefit can be achieved and the best treatment plan for lasting success!

Neuro-Therapy is a 4-Step Process

In Balance

Perform tests to determine if there are compromised structures that would inhibit the body from being able to signal muscles to absorb force. This process consists of manual muscle tests to demonstrate the ability of muscles surrounding these structures to fire properly. If any areas fail the testing, in-balance treatment protocols will be performed to restore their function before the following treatment steps are taken.


The process of locating the neurological origin of the physiological symptoms by identifying electrical disconnects between that individual’s muscles and brain. Electrical disconnects are areas that lack cellular communication to other cells and/or the brain, and become protected by inflammation and eventually scar tissue. Inflammation and the formation of scar tissue occur as a result of the brain sensing the need to protect the injured area from trauma. This process provides insight into which areas are being inhibited and also which areas are overcompensating to create the symptoms being experienced.


Specialized neurological stimulus combined with movement is used to re-educate the function of the nervous system with the areas which were located as “disconnects”. This practice reopens lines of communication between cells, or between cells and the brain; purging the affected areas of inflammation and scar tissue. This process allows inhibited areas to become active again and the forces of movement to be re-distributed properly throughout the body’s movement patterns. Changes can and  should be seen in the areas of Discomfort, Movement Compensation, and/or Range of motion almost immediately.

Rehabilitative Strength

Reacquiring strength/coordination and the elimination of compensatory movement patterns by using Evo UltraPerformance programs and protocols. This process allows each muscle to do its own tasks, each pattern to coordinate naturally and the client to regain pain-free proper function through a full range of motion. The rehabilitative strength process is designed to allow the client to live and move with confidence that their body is prepared to work properly.

Resilience Training

After a baseline of proper function and reduced pain or restriction is established, second-tier goals and aspirations often emerge: ‘Now that my plantar fasciitis is gone, do you think I would be able to go hiking?’ ‘Now that my back is no longer in pain, do you think I will be able to get back into playing sports?’ The Resilience phase of Neuro-Therapy is about conditioning the body’s appropriate responses to situations of higher stress and higher amounts of fatigue. No human is ever going to be in the perfect position in every moment. Resilience Training allows the nervous system to condition and retain a high-functioning baseline of appropriate movement patterns, even when conditions are unpredictable, for the sake of restoring the ability of the client to push themselves and perform to their full potential again!

How this process differs from conventional therapies

Most treatments available focus on the physiological symptoms of an issue (torn or strained muscle/tendon/ligament, inflammation, spasms, displaced or damaged cartilage or vertebrae, etc). This may make sense practically, but it is limited in how fully and effectively it can resolve an issue. Unless the reason WHY too much force was transferred into the injured area can be discovered and re-educated, the nervous system will continue to have a reason to create protective patterns, and the issue can become chronic. However, if neurological signals can be re-educated and re-conditioned, there will be no obstructions to the efficiency of the natural healing process.

This allows for faster and more complete success in regaining the ability to return to a truly high-functioning state. Please visit the client testimonials page for examples of accelerated healing timelines created by the neuro-therapy process.

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