Now you can utilize the same cutting-edge technology that the professionals at Evo Performance Rehab use, but from the convenience of your own home! This option provides the opportunity for flexibility of both location and timing of Neuro-Therapy treatments. Clients can come to Evo Performance Rehab to get educated on the use of the stimulator and necessary protocols for their situation, or a unit can be sent to them via mail with live or posted video instruction. From that point forward, the options are endless. A client can be engaged in a therapy or strength package via virtual-based video treatments, utilize a written protocol for a certain duration, take advantage of the muscle loosen signaling protocol booklet and then at the end of the rental term when the desired results have been achieved and exceeded, the unit can simply be sent back or purchased.

At Evo Performance Rehab we strive to make the client’s treatment plans as spelled-out and easy to understand as possible so that clients of all ages and comfort levels with technology will be able to engage with the Neuro-Therapy technology and know that they are receiving exactly the care determined for them!

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