Breakthrough technology for accelerating healing, correcting injury patterns and enhancing performance can be yours by purchasing a Phoenix Waveform EMS device. There are many different types of stimulators available on the market, but only a few are capable of producing the specialized waveforms necessary to enhance the ability of the body to perform important functional processes. These processes include eccentrically lengthening muscle (loosening during active stimulus), driving circulation and elimination of cellular waste, creating a fast and efficient re-education effect with minimal protective muscular contractions.

These properties translate into enhanced results in all muscle/tendon/ligament healing and function, along with an enhancement of the rate of adaptation to strength training. Translated: The Phoenix Waveform allows you to get more work, more efficient and targeted work, and clearer work to take place and drive the neuromuscular changes that are needed to create success in both healing and performance.

The Phoenix Waveform is a fantastic alternative to the much more expensive devices manufactured by ARPwave, the pioneers of the Neuro-Therapy techniques. Evo Performance Rehab utilizes ARPwave technology as well as the Phoenix Waveform devices in our clinics, but we recommend to our clients to purchase the Phoenix Waveform devices as a fantastic alternative to the ARPwave at a fraction of the price.

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