The technology of Evo Performance Rehab.

Neurological soft tissue therapy (also called Neuro-Therapy), Rehabilitative Strength Training and Movement Efficiency Enhancement are using some specific technology. These are electrical modalities that have a very specific role in affecting the nervous system’s behavior. Our goal is to send specific, intense and clarified movement information that has a unique capability or facilitating muscles lengthening efficiently rather than shortening in a chaotic or protective manner. The Evo Performance Rehab plans are designed to enhance the clarity of how muscles get information, If you are injured or you are trying to recover from surgery, Evo Performance Rehab can use this specialized technology to help keep muscles longer, looser, more functional and keep processes like atrophy from occurring in its normal way.

If you’re that athlete looking for the competitive edge, we can signal muscles which are tight to lengthen and loosen back to where they are designed to be and we can enhance the amount of brain-muscle stress tolerance capacity without placing excessive mechanical stress on the joints.

So all of these applications are powerful and efficient solutions for people looking for that edge in the neurological approach to rehab and performance.

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