So what’s different about Evo performance rehab?

At Evo yes, we’re focusing on the nervous system. Yes, we’re doing things to accelerate, from a neurological basis, the recovery of physiological and all other systems. But really the biggest difference with Evo is that we have an unshakeable belief in the potential of each person we work with.

We know what gifts each of us has been given and the capacity where if we help that person take that one step, whether that’s psychologically, emotionally with their habits and with their treatment sessions, we’re going to help that person create a breakthrough to the next level of function and have quality of life.

So the Evo difference, really what it boils down to is a firm belief that each of us is a miracle and that we need to hold each other, the client and the therapist, accountable to working towards the highest potential possible, not just function, not just activities of daily living. We want more for you.

We want the best for you!

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