Tim Hightower, NFL Running Back

Evo Performance Rehab athlete Tim Hightower knew he wanted to get the best out of his body to have the most productive NFL career possible. So, 3 years ago he came to Evo Performance Rehab with the singular goal of fulfilling his potential on the football field.

In this testimonial, Tim touches on a number of unique aspects of Evo Performance Rehab training. First, he discusses how he had to forget everything that he thought he knew about training, conditioning, and his body.

Next, he mentions that though the unique Evo Performance Rehab training methodologies may not be intuitive, once he really understood the goals  of his workouts, he realized the necessity of every exercise.

Last, Tim says that in order to get optimal results in the gym, he must be completely engaged mentally, physically, and emotionally for every workout. Also, he feels personally responsible for the results that he sees in the gym. If he’s not getting what he wants out of the training, then he looks to himself to see what he could do better.

Tim closes by saying that the Evo Performance Rehab system is a lifestyle, not just a workout. He says that lifestyle changes are necessary to achieve the most optimal results.

Tim Thomas, NHL Goalie

Evo Performance Rehab athlete Tim Thomas originally came to our offices to rehab a hip injury, but he continued strength training with us once he was fully rehabbed. This clip shows Tim meeting Jay Schroeder for the first time, which was possible because all of Tim’s training management was handled remotely.

Jay and Tim discuss the rehab of Tim’s hip and subsequent strength training. Tim mentions that within a couple days of beginning Evo Performance Rehab protocols, he felt young again, felt more confident, and was having more fun on the ice. Tim goes on to mention that even prior to his hip injury  he didn’t have the same amount of mobility that he did after training with Evo Performance Rehab protocols. Tim also says that he used Evo Performance Rehab training protocols to deal with the stress of the primetime stage during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Karlos Dansby, NFL Linebacker

Evo Performance Rehab athlete Karlos Dansby came in looking to make a physical difference that he hadn’t been able to make with traditional strength training. In this testimonial, Karlos mentions that he feels stronger and faster on the field after training with Evo Performance Rehab protocols.

He also says that he loves training with the Evo Performance Rehab proprietary modality, POV Sport. He says that he feels the results instantly with the POV Sport, and adds that training in this way increases mental toughness, which carries over to the field.

Karlos goes on to say that there’s nothing else like Evo Performance Rehab protocols in the world, that this is the training of the future, and Evo Performance Rehab protocols, along with the POV Sport, have added longevity to his career.

Greg Patrick, NFL Coach

Greg Patrick is a former NFL player and current defensive coordinator. He came into Evo Performance Rehab when he slipped a disc in his back and sought the aid of Evo Performance Rehab proprietary ARP Wave technology for rehab. Using Evo Performance Rehab protocols, Greg got back on his feet and in top physical shape.

In this testimonial, Greg mentions that though he had played pro sports in the past and had been exposed to many training methodologies, he had never experienced anything like Evo Performance Rehab.

Greg says that even though Evo Performance Rehab protocols are extremely taxing and require copious amounts of focus, he looks forward to workouts.

Greg mentions that, as a football coach, he knows that being strong in the weight room doesn’t necessarily translate to being strong on the football field. So, he says that if he could do one thing as a coach, he’d expose all of his players to Evo Performance Rehab training. Greg says Evo Performance Rehab training would be a huge advantage on the football field, protect his players from injury, and improve their performance. Greg sees that Evo Performance Rehab training is not just focused on moving weight in the gym, but on improving athletic performance.

Chris Loughney, Pro Golfer

Evo Performance Rehab athlete and professional golfer, Chris Loughney, first came to us after a nightmarish experience with an orthopedist and a rotator cuff injury. In this testimonial, Chris discusses that after cortisone shots, one surgery, no positive results, and the urging of his orthopedist to have a second surgery, he visited Evo Performance Rehab.

Chris says that Evo Performance Rehab was the first place to tell him why he was feeling pain, the first place to relieve pain from his shoulder, and the first place to teach him how to properly use his muscles. He says that within 20 minutes of walking through the doors at Evo Performance Rehab, chronic pain that wasn’t able to be addressed by 8 months of traditional therapy was eradicated.

Chris also discusses his experience with Crohn’s Disease and how Evo Performance Rehab proprietary ARP Wave technology helps him deal with its symptoms. Chris says that he appreciates how Evo Performance Rehab protocols focus on the entire body rather than just an injured area.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands, Pro Tennis Player

Evo Performance Rehab athlete and professional tennis player, Bethanie Mattek-Sands came to us hoping to improve her physical conditioning. In this testimonial, Bethanie says that after training with Evo Performance Rehab protocols she knows she’ll be able to last an entire tennis match, no matter how many games are involved. She goes on to say that she has gained physical confidence on the court, which has allowed her to play 100% in matches without worrying about the physical repercussions of doing so.

Bethanie mentions that she often works out before practice thinking that she’ll be too tired to practice, but is surprised that she actually has more energy then she would otherwise.

Training with Evo Performance Rehab protocols helped Bethanie jump from a 150 world singles ranking to a 31 world singles ranking. She also says that she feels better now, at 26, than she did at 18.

Gabe McLure, Bodybuilder

Evo Performance Rehab athlete Gabe McLure starting competing in bodybuilding when he was 16 years old, and he came to EVO when he felt he had hit a roadblock. Gabe bought our seven week bodybuilding program from our online shop and has been doing the same program for about a year. He has gained a little over 30 pounds of muscle in a year, going from 240 pounds with 10% body fat to 270 pounds with 9% body fat.

When Gabe first started, he was just trying to make it through the workouts without failing, but now he says he looks forward to them. He also mentions that he doesn’t see the need to incorporate any other exercises or use a different program when he can improve upon the exercises that are in his current program. Perhaps this thought is also motivated by the fact that he continues to see results.

Gabe has been using the ARP POV for 6 months and says he likes it because it has allowed him to access muscles that he couldn’t access in the past. Gabe closes with this, “I don’t think there’s one human being out there who could go through this workout and not make any progress”.

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