At Evo Performance Rehab, we get asked, how does it work? How does the process unfold?

Step 1: Evaluation of where each individual is presently in symptoms, restrictions, function and determining what processes will be necessary for them to create long-term lasting and complete success.

Evaluation will determine whether the appropriate starting point is Neurological Soft Tissue Therapy, Rehabilitative Strength, Movement Efficiency Enhancement, or any other possibility. In every situation Evo Performance Rehab offers clients a customized solution.

At Evo Performance Rehab, we offer in-clinic treatments; virtual treatments as well as rentals and purchases of the specialized Neurological Stimulator Technology we utilize as well.

From introductory phone call to evaluation to treatment plan, the Evo Performance Rehab programs offered are tailored to create the most efficient and lasting success possible for your situation!

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